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Occupation: Weaver, Religion: Reformed Lutheran.


- "Individual biographical text for Daniel Lambrecht #1073 Court of Common Pleas, Hall of Records Fairfield County, Ohio Transcrip: Request for Pension" -
"On this 7th day of March 1834, personally appeared in open court, before the Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, now sitting within and for the County aforesaid, Daniel Lambrecht being a resident of said county aged 84 years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed on June 7th, 1832.

That he was born in Philadelphia County in the state of Pennsylvania in or about the year 1749 to the best of his recollection. He has no record of his age. When the Revolutionary War commenced, he lived in Bucks County in said state of Pennsylvania. he states he is a German by birth and education and that his name is spelled in German, Daniel Lambrecht, or in English, Daniel Lambright. He cannot state, from extreme old age and failure of memory, the year he entered the service first but states that the British Army were living in New York, and that it was during the Revolutionary War. He was first drafted in Bucks County, aforesaid, for two months in the Militia, and was placed in a company commanded by commanded by Captain David Millinger. The name of the Lieutenant he cannot recollect but thinks it was Andrew Keesling. He was marched to Trenton to Featherbed Hill, where he was discharged, having served out his two months. He was in a regiment commanded by Colonel Pearce. He went home to Bucks County and was again drafted for two months and was placed under the same Captain and was marched to Chester below Philedelphia and stayed there 3 or 4 weeks and crossed the river and helped build Billingsfort. Washington was there several times to see the workds. he was under the command oc Colonel Pearce. He was discharged at Billingsfort and went back to Bucks County; having served out his two months. He was again drafted in a short time and was placed under the same officers and was marched to Newtown and from that place to Philedelphia to join the army under the command of General Washington. There he was on duty keeping guard, etc. until the two months had expired. When he went home to Bucks County, he was again drafted for two months and was put under the same Captain and was marched to Brandywine and was in the battle at that place and was in a regiment commanded by Colonel Pearce in a detachment commanded by General Winecroft. From Brandywine he went to Featherbed Hill and was discharged having served his two months, and went back to Bucks County. He further states that he did not at each time of war or the two months were out, get leave to go home, but in all served ten was out at each draft, over his two months, but is certain of the fact that he served ten months.

He removed from Pennsylvania to Fredrickstown in Maryland, from that to Virginia near Sheppardstown, and from there to this county about twenty-two years ago. He state that his discharges, if he ever hand any, were all lost and he cannot now say that he had any in writting. His house was destroyed by fire some years ago and his papers were all burnt.

He hereby relinqueshes every claim which comes to a pension or annuity, except the present and he declares that his name is no on the pension roll of any agency in any state, (signed) Daniel Lambrecht.


Event Text: Birth Event on 18 November 1750

Origin and use of the Lambright/Longbrake name: Daniel Lambrecht and family originally assumed the Angelicized spelling of Longbrake during the first decade of the 1800's prior to emigrating to Ohio. Marriage records of this family in Ohio (e.g. Fairfield County), are all entered as Longbrake. Daniel's land purchases (1800, etc.) list Longbrake, although he retained the German "Lambrecht" signature. Daniel's pension application filed in 1834 includes both Lambrecht and Longbrake in reference to him. Census records, Virginia 1810 and 1820, and Ohio from 1820 onward, all list Longbrake, not Lambrecht. And finally, every Longbrake in Ohio in 1850 can be traced back to Daniel and Elizabeth Longbrake.

The brother of Daniel, both Henry and John Lambrecht and their families, choose to use English translation "Lambright". This can be verified in early nineteenth century records of Frederick County, Maryland for Henry, and Beaver County, Pennsylvania for John. In this large family line we find that only the descendants of Daniel and Elizabeth used the name, "Longbrake."


Event Text: Tax Roll Event on 1783

Tax list for Lower Milford of 1783 gives Daniel Lambrech as the owner of 36 acres with the occupation of weaver. When the tax list is recorded two years later in 1785 this name disappeared from the rolls.


Event Text: Resided event on CA 1785

The tax lists for Milford Township lists Daniel Lambrech and family as residents in 1783. Then two years later in 1785 his family disappears from the tax lists forever for Lower Milford. From his military pension application he sates that he moved from Pennsylvania to Frecerick, Mayland and then to Shepherdstown, Virginia before finally settling in Fairfield County, OH.


Daniel Libreck appears on the 1790 Frederick County, MD., Census: 1m 16+, 3m -16, 3f

Daniel Lamprecht is considered for the position of Deacon, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick County, MD., 17 June 1792; 1 July 1792 named to replace a retiree; a replacement named for Daniel "who had moved away" 4 July 1793. Daniel served in the Army during the Revolutionary War. According to his claim for Pension Benefits and a letter to him, dated 18 March 1834, from James L. Edwards, Commissioner of Pensions, Pension Office, War Department; He was granted a pension in the amount of $33.33 per annum commencing on _day of March 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 19th day of March and sent 1834 W.W. Irwin, Lancaster, Ohio; recorded by I.T.Sprague, Clerk. Book 6, vol 8(or18), page 21.


Daniel and Elizabeth shared the same Great grandfather (Johann Rudolph Kittweiler). He was a farmer and a veteran of the Revolutionary War of 1776. Daniel and Anna Marie moved a lot. Born 1750, Bucks Co., PA, along with 6 of his children, 4 of those died. Then on to Frederick Co., MD in 1784, where 6 more childfen are born and 1 died. His brother Heinrich, was also living there with his 12 children. In 1800 on to Shepherdstown, VA where one child "Jacob" remained, while the rest headed to Fairfield Co., OH where he died. Many of his decendants still live in this area.

Shepherdstown was originally in Berkeley County, Virginia, in 1801 it became a part of Jefferson County, Virginia and then in 1803 it became Jefferson County, West Virginia.
Most of the early "Lamprecht" headed for Ohio. The 1910 census lists over 300 people in the Fairfield Couty area with similar names. Most of the older people were unable to read or write. Variations of spellings - Lompret, Lambrzcht, Lambort, Lomborts, Lambert, Lembright, Leinbright, Linbright, Limbright, Lambright, Lanebright, Lumbright, Lombart, Limbart, Lambart.


November 23, 1750, Christened Red Hills, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

January 1776, Military Service - Bucks County Militia

1784, Moved to Frederick County, Maryland

Cause of Death: Old age


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