Frank Fredrick Patterson Information

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Information gathered from Frank Patterson's birth certificate as well as a personal interview between Ruth Ann Gauthier and Frank Patterson in Wesley Chapel, Florida on August 1980.

Frank said he attended the Schutte School on his Uncle Matt Stouffer's farm in Port Huron, Michigan. His Uncle Stoffer was from Switzerland. Frank joined the Army when he was 20.

He enlisted 7 July 1918 at Detroit, Michigan as a private. He was assigned to Demolition COmpany 160DB Last Asst. Supply Company, 33rd infantry 87th Division. He had no AWOL's. He served in Company C, 338th Infantry in Gatum, Panama. According to his Honorable Discharge papers he was 5'11: with brown eyes and brown hair. He was Honorably Discharged 3 December 1918.

Frank recalled spending his 21st birthday, 18 August 1918 on the Carribean Sea on his tour of Panama.

He thought his parents Angus and Mary Louise were seperated when he was about 7 years old. He was then raised on his grandmother Deaner's farm in Port Huron, Michigan. His father Angus Patterson, was about90 years old when he died in the 20's or 30's. He said his grandfather John Patterson was a drunk.

He met Arminta Ledrick while they both worked on a farm in Ohio in 1913. It was about the time of the Great Ohio Flood of 1913.

He has no brothers or sisters but his mother Mary Louise Deaner married a Carl Baker and they had two children. So Frank has two step brothers. They are Wayne Baker who married a Christine and at the time of the interview with Frank they resided at 9 Mile Road, E. Detroit, Michigan and had a child: Wayne Baker Jr. The other step brother was Rodney Baker who is deceased.

Franks father, Angus, was born in Port Huron, Michigan and was a machinist. His mother Mary Louise Deaner was born on a farm in St. Clair County, Michigan. He thought she died around 1967. His mother's sister was Ann Kelly (Deaner). Her husband, Eddie Kelly died in Flint, Michigan. His father's mother was a full blooded indian. The Deaners (Dieners) came from Berline, Germany. Franks father's brother was Tom Patterson. Tom had two children Ed Patterson and Nora Patterson.

Frank Patterson was in three nursing homes since 1985. In 1987 he was transferred to the Lowell Nursing Home, Thonotasassa, Florida. He turned 90 in August of 1987.


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