Angus attended Mt. Plesant High School in Schenectady, Neww York through 11th grade in 1939.

Angus went by the nick name of "CURLY" due to the fact he never had any body hair after a high fever at the age of 3.

Employed by: C.R.&L. Lines in Bridgeport, Conneticut and drove a city bus in Conneticut. Dunn Paper Mill in Port Huron, Michigan. D.S.R. in Detroit, Michigan from 1964-1971. He drove for Imperial Cartage in Detroi, Michigan. Also hauled brick and block as a truck driver. Worked for Buick in Flint, Michigan. Self Employed and owned his own Mobil Truck and Trailer Service our of Tampa, Florida from 1971-1982.

Military Service:

Enlisted in 1940 at 19 years of age. Honorable dischage in 1945 (7 May 1940 to 27 October 1945) His rank was PFC/Private First Class. His job title was Military Policeman. He was an M.P. at the U.S. Military Academy, Traffic, Motor Patrol, Guard Duty. Stationed at Ft. Slocum, New York and West Point, New York. Basic Training was done at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

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