More About Benjamin J. FLEENOR

According to researcher Larry Fleenor of Indiana, his name is Benjamin J., born 1782 in Wash. Co., VA. He married Sarah "Sally" Horn and they had 14 children. He died in 1846 in Scott Co., VA., but do not know he or his wife Sally are buried.

Will in Scott Co., Virginia - Estate sale in 1848 - Will Bk.11, Pg. 134, 1-23-1849
Estate Settlement shows a Lockhart as an heir.

Wife shown as "Sally" in Will.

Wash. Co., Deeds Book 10-pg. 261 - July 22, 1849 - Benjamin Fleenor Estate Listed:
Allen & Jeremiah, Administrators
Sarah, widow (1/3-$22,000)
1. Adam-$8.00
2. Benjamin H.-$8.00
3. Jeremiah-$8.00
4. Hugh-$43.00
5. Benjamin M., grandson of Harrison-$8.00
6. Levi, in right of his wife Mary L.-$8.00
7. Jeremiah-committee of Adeline-$8.00
8. John's interest assigned to Alen-$43.00
9. John Lockhart's distributive share assigned to Alen-$8.00
10.Allen's share-$8.00

Benjamin was a farmer.


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