Clarence was the firstborn of Sheldon McGinnis and Ollie Mae Hook, and only child for his first 10 years. He had one sister, Dorothy, and one brother, Harry, who was born when Clarence was 17. Clarence was born into a Christian family who were very active in the Church of God, living in a two story home at 119 W. Monroe St., Alexandria, Indiana, on a cobbled brick street. When he was a young boy a new family moved into the house next to his, and little did he know how profoundly this family would effect his life. The Fleenor family had three boys and a cute little girl, Naomi Ruth, my mother. (She went by Ruth in later years) Clarence was very athletic as a youth, and musically talented, playing the saxaphone in a band. In 1922, when he was 16, he was on the Alexandria High School Tennis team, and the boys squad basketball team. In 1923 he was again on the basketball team, his team winning 15 out of their 19 games.

But in 1923 a terrible tragedy struck the McGinnis family. His mother, Mae, died 5 days after giving birth to Clarence's brother Harry, due to complications. At this point in time Ruth and Clarence became very close, as she tried to help him through this tragic loss of his mother, whom he loved very much. Clarence graduated from Alexandria High School May 9th, 1925, and continued living at home until he married in 1929. He was 5 ft. 8" and weighed 130 lbs. In 1926 he started working for Leeson & Co., a grocery store I believe,and quit in May of 1927. He then got a job at Delco-Remy (Dept. 203)-division of General Motors Corp., the world's largest manufacturers of automotive electrical equipment. The company also manufactured Delco batteries. He was paid 45 cents and hour and premium.

On August 15, 1929, the year of the Great Depression, Clarence married Naomi Ruth Fleenor, the little girl next door, and his childhood sweetheart. They were married by Rev. P.B. Turner in the Curch of God they grew up in. They honeymooned at Barbee Lake, staying in a little cabin. They first lived in an apartment at 615 Union Ave. in Anderson. Indiana, but in August of 1930 Clarence lost his job at Delco-Remy, so they had to move back in with Ruth's parents in Alexandria.

Unable to find a job, he heard from a school friend that he could make money working oh his friend's father's farm in Kansas, so he soon left for Kansas working for a Jack Noah in the wheat fields. But it was much too hot, with temperatures over 100 everyday, plus he didn't make much money, so once again he was back in Alexandria. After working odd jobs off and on, making little money, Clarence heard through another good friend, Jim McCounaghey, that there were good paying jobs up north.

In 1936, one year after Clarence and Ruth's first daughter, Shari Sue was born, they moved up to Port Huron, Michigan. After living in a few apartments and a small home on 13th St., they moved into a small white house in 1943 just around the corner, at 1323 White St. where they lived for the rest of their lives. In June of 1945, their 3rd child was born, Ruth Ann.

Clarence worked for Mueller Brass Co. in Port Huron from 1936 until he retired at age 65 in 1971. While working there he worked as a machinist, thread roller, set-up man, supervisor, and foreman. Clarence and Ruth and family became members of Griswold Street Baptist Church, where all the family attended through the years. Clarence was an avid bowler, and became interested in photography. Over the years he took many beautiful pictures on slides, which are still enjoyed by all the family.

In Sept., 1986, Clarence underwent surgery for throat and stomach problems. On Sept. 24th he died in Mercy Hospital. Funeral services were held at the Pollaack-Randall Funeral Home of Port Huron. The Rev. Arthur Murfin, pastor of Griswold Street Baptist Church, and long time friend of the family, officiated. Burial followed at Lakeside Cemetary.

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 6, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Oct 19, 2000, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Mcginnis, Clarence
Social Security #: 369-09-0233
Issued in: Michigan
Birth date: Nov 5, 1906
Death date: Sep 1986
Residence code: Michigan
ZIP Code of last known residence: 48060
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: Port Huron, Michigan

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