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Edgar Fleenor was born 7 Apr 1871 on his father's farm in Crothersville, Jackson Co., Indiana. He was the first child of Benjamin Franklin Fleenor & Sarah Emeline Gross. His two sisters were born a few years later. There were complications in childbirth soon after Edgar's second sister Sarah Louise was born. His mother died 2 Feb 1878, just before Edgar's 7th birthday. So with three small children to raise Benjamin married Emily Williams on 1 June 1879. Emily had just lost her first husband, Joseph Hitchcock, after a few short yrs. of marriage, and became mother of Benjamin's children. Soon Benjamin & Emily had three more children, so Edgar had a step-sister and two step-brothers.

Edgar helped on his father's farm as a young lad, and then as a Planning Mill Operator, but this is not where his heart was. He was raised in a Christian home where the Bible was often read, and was saved at an early age. It was said that his father preached some. As Edgar got older he would often travel by horse as a Circuit-Rider Preacher to different churches in cities as far away as Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. While attending a Camp Meeting at the Church of God Headquarters in Kentucky he met his wife, Clara Amelia Luther, who was also in the service of the Lord. They were married 20 June 1901 in New Albany, Floyd Co., Indiana.

Shortly thereafter they moved to Beford, Lawrence Co., Indiana, and over the next seven years they had four children, a set of twins, Willard & William, a son Oris, and my mother, Naomi Ruth. It wasn't long after arriving in Bedford that Edgar became the Pastor of the small Church of God in town. He served there for nearly 13 years when he received a call to start a church in Alexandria, Indiana. So Edgar moved his family, and little belongings they had, traveling to Alexandria by train, which was very exciting to the family, especially my young mother of five years of age.

Edgar was founder and Pastor of the Church of God of Alexandria for the following 36 years, well known and respected in the community he and Clara served all those years. He married many family members, including his granddaughter, my sister Sue, in the fall of 1954. Just one year later Edgar was called home to be with the Lord on 23 Aug 1955, whom he had loved and served all his life. Below are newspaper clippings:

Following is an Article from Tampico (no date)
Fifty Years Ago

Sunday night while Edgar Fleenor and his best girl (Clara) were on their way to church, the horse became frightened and ran away, throwing the driver and his company from the cart, leaving them with some slight wounds and bruises. The horse, cart and harness soon dissolved partnership, with little damage to all.

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Following is an article in Alexandria Cent. Magazine (1930)

The Church of God had it's beginning in Alexandria, Indiana, some years ago in the way of a small Sunday School in September, 1913. Rev. E. A. Fleenor moved from Bedford to Alexandria at that time. Services were held in a small building on North Canal Street. In the fall of 1914 a tent meeting was held on a vacant lot back of the old Masonic Hall, now the Glove Factory. At the close of the meeting a place was rented on S. Harrison St., now occupied by Dr. Fred Carey. Later a place was rented on Washington and Canal Street. Then a lot and a building were purchased on the N/W corner of John & West Street. The building was torn down and a small brick building was erected. In 1927 it was destroyed by fire, but by 1929 it was rebuilt, including an area for Sunday School work.

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Following is an Article from the Tribune, Seymore, IN.:

E.A. Fleenor Elected President of Fleenors at Annual Reunion The Rev. E.A. Fleenor, of Alexandria, IN., was re-elected president of the Fleenor family at their annual reunion Sunday in Gaiser's Park. Mrs. Annie Williams, of Franklin, was elected secretary-treasurer and after the election of officers there was a varied program.

Those who attended were the Rev. E. A. Fleenor, of Alexandria, Hugh Fleenor of Marion, Mrs. Louise Fleenor Nichols, of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Willard Fleenor, of Alexandria, A. J. Spriggs, of Bloomington, the Rev. William A. Fleenor, of Anderson, N. H. Fleenor of Bloomington, Margie Moody, of Little York, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Peugh, of Aurora, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Thompson of Salem, Amy and Mary Williams of Salem, Otto Fritch of Bloomington, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Callaway of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Callaway of Salem, Jesse L. Fleenor, of Scottsburg, Mrs. Daisy Fleenor Crowe, of Bedford, Maude Fleenor Sayers of Paris Crossing, D. F. Carter of Ewing, Mr. & Mrs. Omer Williams of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Preston Yount, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Hall of Indianapolis, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Morgan of Seymour, Mrs. Eva Reynolds, Nancy and Joyce Prince of Crothersville, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Fleenor McGinnis, and Jamie Fleenor of Salem, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Robbins and children, all of Seymour, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Williams of Franklin, Larry R. Fleenor and Lee Fleenor of Scottsburg, Hugh Fleenor of Scottsburg, Otis Nichols of Salem, Mrs. C. M. Belson of Noblesville, Ray E. Fleenor of Scottsburg, and Minnie Fleenor Collins and Fred Collins of Seymour.

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Following are Press Releases of Rev. E. A. Fleenor's death:

The Rev. E.A.Fleenor
Everyone in Alexandria was touched this week by the passing of the Rev. E. A. Fleenor, 84 year old retired Church of God pastor-for a third of a century an active figure in that community's religious life.

A native of Crothersville, the Rev. became a pioneer in the Church of God-a religious movement that has become one of the most influential in the nation. Some 36 years ago, he came to Alexandria, established that community's first Church of God, and proceeded to occupy its pastorate for 30 eventful years until his retirement in 1949.

Under his direction, the Alexandria church grew both in membership and in stature. More important, the religious complexion of Alexandria took on new luster as a result of the diligence and devotion with which the Rev. Fleenor served his faith and his flock.

In many ways, it was fortunate that the Rev. Fleenor was able to enjoy six years of retirement-a period that bestowed upon him the opportunity to reflect over a lifetime of religious service, a lifetime of helping humanity and establishing enduring friendships. His long career, to be sure, will stand as a model for the clergymen of all faiths.

Rev. E. Fleenor, Church Founder, Dies at Home

The Rev. Edgar A. Fleenor, 84, founder and long-time pastor of Alexandria's Church of God, died at his home at 113 W. Monroe at 7:20 p.m. Tuesday following a year long illness.

Rev. Fleenor was born in Crothersville, IN., on April 07, 1871, the son of Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Grose Fleenor. He married Clara Luther on June 20, 1901, in Floyd Co. Rev. & Mrs. Fleenor celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1951.

Rev. and Mrs. Fleenor came to Alexandria from Bedford, where Rev. Fleenor was a Church of God Pastor for 13 years. He founded the Church of God in Alexandria and served as pastor here for 36 years until his retirement in 1948.

The original Church of God here was on N. Harrison St., in a building known as the "Little Match Box." Originally, the congregation included only a handful of people. As the church grew, the site of the original Methodist Church was purchased and the present building was built under the guidance of Rev. Fleenor. Rev. Fleenor served the ministry for a total of 49 years, most of them in Alexandria.

Surviving beside the widow are three sons, Willard Fleenor of Alexandria, William Fleenor of Cairo, Egypy, Oris Fleenor of Dayton, Ohio, one daughter, Mrs. Naomi McGinnis of Pt. Huron, MI., a sister, Mrs. Ella Beldon of Noblesville, and a half-sister, Mrs. Daisy Crowe of Bedford, IN.

The body was taken to the Davis and Stricler Funeral Home. Friends will be received at the funeral home after 7 p.m. today. Other arrangements are pending.

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Following are remarks made at the Church of God, August 24, 1955 by the Rev. Milburn H. Miller:

In 1492 Columbus plowed through the briny deep to a new world-America. Since that time many others have followed him, until today many luxurious liners stream from continent to continent.

During the early seventeenth century our Pilgrim fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Following them came many others of various nationalities to this new land. Early pioneers of our republic cut their way to the Cumberland Gap and established the Wilderness Trail. Other hardy settlers and their families moved westward because of this noble adventure.

Just now I am thinking of another pioneer. Around the turn of the century there came to Bedford one Edgar A. Fleenor and his wife. While working with his hands he conducted cottage prayer meetings and conducted religious services. Later a church was erected at the corner of 5th and P Streets. This was the beginning of the first Church of God of Bedford.

Many ministers have followed in the foot steps of E. A. Fleenor. From a humble and small beginning, the church has grown to large proportions.

And now brother Fleenor's labors are over, and he has inherited his reward which he deserved. But his work and influence ever live on. We are greatly indebted to the work of this godly man.

Now let us pause for a moment of silence in memory of our departed brother.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The following is a short letter written to my cousin Larry R. Fleenor, grandson of Rev. Edgar A. Fleenor, and well known Fleenor researcher (no date and can not make out name of person)

Dear Larry,

You probably have this already, but I found this in one of my mother's scrap books, which also has a picture of them both, but it was stuck tight in the book. My mother might have known them (referring to Rev. Fleenor & Clara), for she was raised in Gibson Twp. She was Susan Rachel Weeks, daughter of Joseph Weeks and Sarah Jane Morris. My father was Niles E. Trueblood, son of William Alexander Trueblood and Elizabeth Lizzaann Payne. He was born and raised in Delaney Creek, Washington County, Indiana. (I think the writer is referring to Rev. Fleenor,/B> marrying her parents, Niles Trueblood and Susan Weeks)

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