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The patronymic name Gauthier comes from a person's name of German origin "Waldhari" (Wald, from "Waldan" which means "to govern" and hari "armed"). There are different branches of the Gauthier families of Quebec, but not all have left direct descendant lines. Detailed herewith are the main nine branches.

On October 24th, 1663, Helye (Joseph-Elie) Gauthier, son of Samuel Gauthier and Hilaire Gourlatier, christenized on October 11th, 1643 in Notre Dame of Celles-sur-Belle, Deux-Sevres (Poitou), France, married Marguerite Moytie, daughter of Jacques Moytie and Francoise Langevin, christenized on January 1st, 1646 in St-Barthelemy of La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime (Aunis), France and daughter of the King arrived in Nouvelle-France in 1663, and settled in the St-Famille parish on the lle-d'Orleans. Their sons Andre and Jacques carried the name. Rene Gauthier, Sir of Varennes, son of Adam-Rene Gauthier, Sir of La Varandiere and Bertrande Gourdeau, of Becon-les-Gravits in Angers, Anjou, got married on June 4th, 1667, to Marie Boucher. In 1668 he was named governor of Trois Riviers. Their sons Jacques-Rene, Sir of Varennes and Pierre, Sir of Boumois and of La Verandrye carried the name. Pierre Gauthier called Sanguingoira, son of Jacques Gauthier and Marie Boucher, of Rochefort in Saintes, Saintonge, married on November 12th, 1668, to Charlotte Roussel and settled in Lachine. Their sons Jean, Joseph, Jean-Baptiste and Francois called Sanguingoira carried the name. Mathurin Gauthier called Landreville, son of Pierre Gauthier and Anne Lemaistre from Lege in Nantes, Bretagne, married toweards 1671 to Nicole Philippeau, a daughter of the King, and settled in Sainte-Therese Island. Their sons Louis, Charles, Jean and Lambert called Landreville carried the name.

Jean Gauthier, son of Gabriel Gauthier and Jeanne Chandauvouenne of Saintes in Saintonge, married on November 26th, 1671, to Jeanne Petit and settled in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Their sons Jean, Jacques and Joseph carried the name. The decendants of Jean adopted the last name of Gentes in honour of their descendant Angelique Gentes. Jacques Gauthier, son of Simon Gauthier and Marie Aube of Saint-Vivien in Rouen, Normandie, married on September 11th, 1672, to Elisabeth-Ursule Denevers and settled in Lothiniere. Their sons Francois, Joseph, Augustin, Jean-Baptiste, Etienne and Jacques caried the name. Germain Gauthier called Saint-Germain, son of Germain Gauthier and Louise Vieillard of Beauber-la-Rosiere in Rouen, Normandie, married on July 19th, 1672, to Jeanne Beauchamps and settled in Repentigny. Their sons Jean, Pierre, Francois, Jacques and Pierre-Joseph called Saint-Germain, carried the name. Jean Gauthier called Larouche, son of Mathurin Gauthier and Catherine Loumeaus of Echillais de Rochefort in Saintes, Saintonge, married on June 21st, 1675 to Angelique Lefebure and settled in the lower city of Quebec. Guillaume Gauthier called Delisle, of unknown origin, married on August 21st, 1723, to Marguerite Masse and settled in the Saint-Laurent parish of Montreal.

Nowadays, their descendants are settled throughout several regions of Quebec and they use the different spellings "Gathier" and "Gautier".

I would like to thank Gilles Gauthier, member of the Gauthier Families Association, for his kindness in helping me make sure the part of history of our common ancestor Joseph-Elie is correct and updated. (See: Gauthier, Marcel in Memoires de la S.G.C.F., vol 44, p. 270 and Bilodeau, Olivier in L'Ancetre, vol. 20, p. 141)