St. Regis Register Marriage Entry reads:

MAURESAS, Jean Louis, major widower of Marguerite Mondix, domiciled in this mission, married Catherine ROELL on November 21, 1827 of the Indian Lands, major daughter domiciled in Indian Lands of John Henry ROELL and of Angelique CHATELAIN. Present: Joseph Durcher & Ambroise Jasmin, friends of the groom and John Henry ROELL, the father and Francis Jasmin, friends of the bride. Joseph Valle, priest.

in later translated work, the same entry reads as follows:

MOUREPAS, Jean Louis*, widower of deceased Marguerite Mondix. {*possible Morpaw} [corrects earlier work as he was listed as MAURESAS] married to Catherine ROELL** on November 21, 1827, major daughter of John Henry ROELL and of Angelique CHATELAIN. [** of Indian Lands, United Counties] present: Joseph Durocher & Ambroise Jasmin, John Henry Roell, Pere francois Jasmin. "Corrects earlier work".

NOTE: The term Indian Lands refers to an area formerly known as NUTFIELD which is just east of the Stormont border (Cornwall Township) bounded in front by the St. Lawrence River, Northerly by the Township of Plantagenet, easterly by the Townships of Kenyon and Charlottenburg and westerly by the Townships of Cornwall and Roxborough.

The misson of St. Jean Francois Regis at St. Regis, Quebec was established in 1762 by a Jesuit priest named Father Antoine Gordon (Gourdain) and was located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River to administer the Roman Catholics on that side of the river, to the natives, to the people of northern New York and to the people living on the north shore of the St. Lawrence river.

The next missionary in this area was Father Roderick MacDonell sent in 1785 to administer to the Indians, the Scots and to the English speaking Catholic immigrants from America. He served the Roman Catholics of St. Andrews West as well as assisted and supervised the infant Glengarry parish of St. Raphaels and also the needs of Roman Catholics at Kingston circa 1794. Father Roderick was also responsible for the administration and the building of both the churches at St. Regis and at St. Andrews West.

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