John Benjamin Fleenor Information

1870 Salem, Washington Co., Gibson Twp., IN. Census

Fleenor, John W-M-54 Occupation-Farmer Value of Property-$5,000
Fleenor, Louisa W-F-50 Wife-Keeping House Place of birth: TN
Fleenor, John W. W-M-22 Farm Laborer
Fleenor, Sarah C. W-F-20 At Home
Fleenor, Michael R. W-M-19 Farm Laborer
Fleenor, Mary J. W-F-15 At Home
Fleenor, Susanna W-F-13 At Home
Fleenor, Elisha W-M-12 Farm Laborer

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1880 Census-Gibson Twp., Washington Co., IN.

Fleenor, John W-M-64 Occupation-Farmer - VA. - VA.
Fleenor, Louisa W-F-60 Wife-Keeping House - TN. - VA. - TN.
Fleenor, Michel W-M-29 Son-Teacher - IN. - VA. - TN.

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Marriage Recds: Wash. Co., IN.
Marriage Recds: Jackson Co., IN. Bk.G Pg. 441 Bk.H, Pg. 308
Death Recds: Bk.H-28, Pg.
Will Record g, pg. 277

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John Fleenor's Will

In the name of the Benovolent Father of all, I, John Fleenor and Nellie Fleenor, his wife do make and publish this our last will and testament.

Item 1. Give and devise to my beloved wife the home place in section sixteen, containing one hundred fifteen acres, during her natural life. Also $500 in personal property, in money, and all the property she had when we were married, and at her death all of this property and ral estate is to go back to my children that is named in this will.
Item 2. I will all of the estate of mine that goes to Mary J. Nicholas and Susana Rutherford is to go to their children and the money is to be loaned and kept at interest till they become twenty-one years of age.
Item 3. All of my estate going to James Fleenor, my son, I will to John Fleenor, and Hugh Fleenor, his two youngest heirs.
Item 4. And Sarah Williams I will all of her part to her five children and also Alford Fleenor's part is to go to Burkey Fleenor his son and that I appoint Mikel Fleenor my executor of this will.
Item 5. I will to Benjamin Fleenor and George W. Fleenor, John W. Fleenor, Mikel R. Fleenor to be equally divided that is all the remainder of my estate between the above four sons, except the twenty-two acres that I have deeded to Mikel R. Fleenor in section fifteen, I will and give to him Mikel R. Fleenor, my son.
--------Dated this 2nd day of May, 1894
Signed and acknowledged by John Fleenor and Nellie Fleenor, his wife, their last will and testament in our presence, and signed by us in their presence.
----J.B. Robbins
----Joseph ?
Proof of will made by J.B. Robbins and of the witness, May 25, 1898
Will admitted to Probate.

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Larry R.Fleenor of Indiana has a copy of John Fleenor's Bible
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Nic-name: "Qute"

John migrated to Indiana in 1837, two years after his brother Hugh did.

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After John's wife Louisa died he traveled back to VA. to find his second wife, Nellie Wood. After they were married he sent his son, Michael Robbins a postcard telling about his marriage. Larry Fleenor sent me a copy, though very hard to read. It is dated August 4, 1893, Washington Co., VA. "Mike this leaves me well. I am enjoying myself very much & am married 8 days. Married on last Sunday Eve. I married Nellie Wood. We will come home as soon as we ------------ out our connections -----------------. I am at A.B. Fleenors today. We taking dinner with John on Wednesday, and will be home on Thursday ----------------------------------------------------------- Your Father, John Fleenor

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