We would love to have you join us on the ring. To see our ring go to WebRings. It is yet another way to get your information out to other reserachers. And another way for you to find, possibly, that missing ancestor you have search for, for years!!

Here are our very simple rules you must meet before you join our list.

1. You must have a genealogy website, easy to access and read.
2. Absolutely no nudity or profanity on your site.
3. Must be safe for children to view.
4. No broken links or script errors

Thats it, really very simple, please JOIN US NOW it is really rather simple, JUST CLICK on JOIN NOW and there you go. They will require you get a Yahoo ID and Password.

The script codes should be mailed to you, if not once you are approved you can log onto the Yahoo/Webring site and retrieve the codes from there as well. If you have any problems ever please feel free to Email Us!! and we will gladly assist you.

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