Karl was 12 years younger than Andreas.

From the PA. Archives, 2nd Ser. Vol. XVII, Carl August Erlewein came on the ship "Phoenix" from Rotterdam.

The voyage of the Phoenix, of Sept. 30, 1743 is listed in the book "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants to Pennsylvania". The passenger list is there also. Her ancestor is listed as Cal. August ERLWEIN. No Females are listed on these early voyages, sometimes the total is given for females and boys under sixteen. No other information is given about the passengers, just the name. There is a quote in the front of the book that states, "many of the names were written by clerks and they are noted with a *." Her passenger has one after his name which means that the passenger did not write his own signature, The clerk would spell it as it sounded to him. Page 163-164

It may also be listed in the below book:

- Pennsylvania German pioneers : a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. by Ralph Beaver Strassburger ; edited by William John Hinke -

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