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PETER GAUTHIER b: about 1861 & d: 26 July 1926, Son of Peter Gauthier and ??. He was married on 17 June 1883 to MARY TETREAULT they were married in Cohoes New York. Mary was b: 12 November 1863 & d: 3 Sept 1956. They had 13 children.


(1-6.) WILFRED, ALBERT, FRED, JOSEPH, ARTHUR & FRANK, were all born between 1884 and 1890 in Cohoes, New York. They all died in infancy or childhood.

(7.) LOUISE, b:early 1890's in Cohoes, New York, d: 30 July 1953. (8.) BLANCHE, b: around 1895 in Cohoes, New York, d: around 1912 at 17 yrs of age. (9.) HENRY (Information listed below). (10.) GEORGE, b: around 1898 in New Haven, Conneticut. (11.) EDWARD, b: around 1900 in New Haven, Conneticut, d: 7 December 1990, Married Bertha Anna Marpeau 30 January 1923. (12.) LILLIAN, b: around 1902 in New Haven, Conneticut, married to Edward Kuhn. (13.) ROSEANNA CORRINE, b: around 1904, d: 9 Dec 1998 in Florida. She was married to Grant Tymerson, then to Harry C. Davis on 7 October 1971.


HENRY ALFONZ GAUTHIER b: 30 June 1896 in New Haven Conneticut,he is the son of PETER (PIERRE) GAUTHIER, d: around 1966. He was married on 26 November 1918 to MATILDA (TILLIE) JULIA MARPEAU in Schenectady, New York at Sacred Heart Church. Matilda was b: 29 September 1899. in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. They had 4 children


(1.) HAROLD, was married to a Darlene. (2.) LORRAIN, b: around the 1930's and d: possibly 24 July 1997. (3.) LOUISE, no information. (4.) ANGUS JOHN (information listed below.)


ANGUS JOHN GAUTHIER b: 19 September 1920 in Detroit, Michigan, the son of HENRY ALFONZ GAUTHIER, was married on 17 December 1920 in West Point, New York to RUTH IDONA PATTERSON, b: 21 October 1921 in Capac, Michigan. They had 4 children.


(1.) ANGUS JOHN, JR. (information listed below). (2.) CONNIE DARLENE, b: 21 April 1946 in Port Huron, Michigan, married 13 July 1963 to Jimmy Kenneth Pratt. (3.) PAUL FRANKLIN, b: 11 September 1947 in Bridgeport, Conneticut, married 13 June 1969 to Kathleen Kupets. (4.) TERRIE LYNN, b: 16 May 1956 in Port Huron, Michigan, married 27 December 1980 to David Diaz.


ANGUS JOHN GAUTHIER JR. b: 8 January 1944 in West Point, New York, the son of ANGUS JOHN GAUTHIER. He was married on 2 July 1965 in Port Huron, Michigan to RUTH ANN McGINNIS, b: 11 June 1945 in Port Huron, Michigan. They had 2 children.


(1.) TONYA RENA, b: 25 July 1967in Mount Clemens, Michigan, married 18 June 1994 to Harry "Chip" Truman Kellum Jr. (2.) DANITA SUE, b: 23 February 1970 in Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.