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Nicholas migrated with his family when he was about 10 years of age. Sailing on the Ship "John & Elizabeth" they arrived in Philadelphia, PA. on November 7, 1754. It must have seemed like quite an adventure for a young lad this age.

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From the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, formally St. Peters, Rocky Hill, Frederick Co., MD. These records are found in the Maryland State Hall of Records in Annapolis, MD.

Pg. 14 - Baptism(Christened): Johannes B: 31 Jan 1771, Bapt: 8 April 1771, son of Nicholas Flinner & Maria Catharina. Sponsers are Johannes & Anna Flinner

Baptism(Christened): Johannes Jacob B: 2 May 1774, Bapt. 28 June 1774, son of Nicholas Flinner & Maria Catharina. Sponsers are Johannes & Anna Flinner

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According to researcher Larry R. Fleenor Nicholas had four slaves, Harry, Sesal, Sam, and Pleasent. The following is a clipping in the Political Prospect Newspaper, Abingdon, VA. 22 October 1812, Thursday

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NOTICE - On Tuesday the 10th of Nov. next at the dwelling house of Nicholas Fleenor, Dec.....will be sold at public auction..all the personal estate said Nicholas possessed consisting of household furniture, horses, horned cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry....
Michael Fleenor, Adm'r
Mary Fleenor, Adm'x.
Salem, VA.

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From the Wash. Co., Survey Book:

"Page 20 - Nicholas Fleenor, assignee of James Dorchester, assignee of James Edward Morgan...200 ac on the land spring of Meadow Creek, includes his improvement, actual settlement made in 1774... August 16, 1781."

"Page 401 - Nicholas Fleenor, assignee of William Henderson - 140 ac - treasury warrant - on the waters of Abrahams Creek, a south branch of the north fork of Holstein River - corner to William Smith's land - line of Fleenor's land - at the foot of Walker's Mountain - 100 ac by warrabt #9063 and 40 ac by warrant #13741 - October 15, 1789."

Page 442 - Nicholas Fleenor - 200 ac Commissioners Certificate - on the head of a branch of Beaver Creek, the waters of Holstein River - on a spur of Walker's Mountain - crossing a road on a line of James Fulkerson's land. September 23, 1795"

"Page 499 - Nicholas Fleenor - 200 ac - treasury warrant #20702 dated November 11, 1783 - on the waters of Abrams Creek and on Walker's mountain - corner to his survey of settlement right and on a spur of Walker's Mountain - near Baileys line - corner to Richard Moore and Lewis Pitts land - near McCarmack's sugar hollow - crossing a branch of Abrams Creek - May 19,1796."

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From researcher Wilma Smith - Oct 18, 2000

Nicholas Fleenor's inventory of estate which was quite lengthy and is in Washington Co. Va. Wills has last paragraph "The above Inventory Made by the direction of the Court of Washington to us and being sworn for that purpose we have hereunto anexed our names November l2th l8l2. Michael Fleenor administrator with Mary Fleenor Adm. Witnessed by George Goodman, John Fleenor, Samuel Sprowls. At a court held for Washington County the l5th day of December l8l2. This Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Nicholas Fleenor dec/d was returned to Court and ordered to be recorded. Teste Andrew Russell Teste".
In January l873 , each of the children of Nicholas Fleenor were deeded property by his widow Mary and the other children. Nicholas II was not of age at the time and according to guardianship papers , Mary, wife of Nicholas was made guardian of him on Nov. l7, l8l2.
Deeds were made to Jacob Fleenor, Henry Fleenor, Chrisley Fleenor, Benjamin Fleenor, Adam Fleenor and wife, Elizabeth, Abraham Hortenstine and wife, Isaac Fleenor, John Fleenor and Abraham Fleenor. His daughter was Elizabeth who m. Adam Fleenor and his dau. Mary m. Abraham Hortenstine and signed the deeds. These deeds are in Washington Co. deed book and if anyone wants to know the specific property that any one of them got, I will be glad to furnish along with book and page no.

Mary Fleenor, wife of Nicholas, also did not leave a will but her estate was settled and is on file in Washington Co. will book. Chrisley and Henry Fleenor were administrators of her estate. Estate was settled Sept 28, l835

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From researcher Janice Fleenor Smith-2001

Many German immigrants chose Pennsylvania because of the active recruitment throughout Germany by those who had seen the freedoms and opportunities to be had in the new country, and then returned to their homeland to encourage friends and relatives to relocate. Once in the new country, however, the German settlers faced a degree of prejudice for their desire to retain their language and customs, and their tendency to settle in German communities apart from their neighbors. Even such illustrious leaders as Benjamin Franklin expressed anti-German sentiment and there were restrictions placed against the German emigrants. For example, they were required to immediately declare loyalty to their new country and renounce ties to their homeland. They were "registered" upon arrival. Unlike their neighbors, the Germans built for permanence with the stones which they removed from their fields. They also cut and cleared the trees from their fields when most settlers of that time practiced girdling which killed the trees and allowed the pioneers to cut the trees and leave the stumps where they stood. Small wonder that those with an eye toward the future, quickly began to look toward more open lands further distant from the settled areas.

The Flinners moved first to Frederick County Maryland where Church Records reveal a settled existance until the death of Johannes and his wife Anna. Then the brothers moved on into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, probably using the Great Warrior Path first established by Indians and then used by the trappers and traders. The Indian trails were widened into roads eventually, and many of our national highways of today, follow those original routes. One can follow the Warrior path from Lancaster County Pennsylvania through the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (basically the route of I-81). The brothers settled in the area near Abingdon, VA in the valley of the Holston River. John and Michael in Poor Valley, Casper in Rich Valley near the head waters of what is now called Gasper's Creek, and Nicholas at the Lilburn Fleenor place in Rich Valley below Benham. Between 1774-1796 Nicholas purchased 1210 acres of land: 686 acres on Abram's Creek and Walker's Mountain, 200 acres on Meadow Creek, and 324 acres on Beaver Creek. This land is north of the TN/VA border.

From "Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787 Other Than U.S. Census Bureau" by Augusta Fothergill and John Nagle:
Adom Fleenoer 1 Washington
Gasper Fleener 1 Washington
Jacob Fleener 1 Washington
Nicholas Fleener 1 Washington
In 1770 Botecourt County Virginia included two-thirds of the land that became Indiana, all of Kentucky, and a portion of Ohio, West Virginia and Illinois. Fincastle County Virginia was formed in 1772 and then was superseded in 1777 by Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky Counties of Virginia.

"The 1787 Census of Virginian, Vol 2," listing Washington County Personal Property Tax 1787 - List A: shows the following:
Nicholas Fleenar charged with tax - self 0-0-0-8-16
John Fleenar Sr. self 0-0-0-0-2
Jacob self 0-0-0-6-7
John Weaver charged with tax - Jacob Fleenar
John Fleenar Jr. self 0-0-0-5-7
John Hedrick charged with tax - John Fleenar Jr.
Gasper Fleenar " self 0-0-0-4-15
Michal Fleenar " self 0-0-0-5-16
Adam Fleenar " self 0-0-0-4-7

In Book 4, pgs 4 and 52 of the Probate Records of Washington County, VA, Nicholas' estate was opened and final settlement was made in 1814. Heirs listed included Mary, his wife; his children: Jacob, Christley, Benjamin, Adam, Henry, Mary Hortenshire, Isaac, John and Abraham.

Fleenor Surveys, Warrants & Deeds - Washington Co, VA

Submitted by Edgar A. Howard -
FLEENOR, Nicholas 124 acres
Washington Co., VA

James Monroe Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting, Know ye, That by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant Number Seventeen thousand eight hundred and Twenty-three issued the twenty-first day of July Seventeen hundred and eighty-three, there is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Nicholas Fleenor a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and twenty-four acres, by survey bearing date the twenty-second day of October One thousand seven hundred and ninety-five lying and being in the County of Washington on a fork of the Beaver Creek which is a north branch of Holstein River, all bounded as followeth, To wit, Beginning at three white oaks in a line of James Fulkerson's land and corner to said Fleenor's survey of his settlement right and with the lines of the same thence, North fifty-six degrees East 228 poles to a black oak at the foot of a hill. North sixty-three degrees East 76 poles crossing said creek to a black oak and hickory (124b) at the end of a big ridge thence leaving said line South twenty degrees East 36 poles to a white oak on a hillside South twenty-two degrees West 26 poles to a forked Ironwood South forty-six degrees East 37 poles to a small gum and white oak by the said creek a corner to Funkhouse's survey South sixty-one degrees West 168 poles crossing said creek to a white oak by a hollow and leaving Funkhouse's line thence North eighty-nine degrees West 142 poles to the Beginning with its appurtenances to Have and To Hold said tract of parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Nicholas Fleenor and his Heirs forever. In Witness whereof the said James Monroe Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto set his hand and caused the lesser Seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond, on the twenty-fourth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and of the Commonwealth the twenty-fifth.
Signed: James Monroe.

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