Sarah's father was Ransom DAVIS b: 1789 NC d: 3-26-1854 Newburn, IN
Sarah's mother was Hanna DOAN(E) b: 12-13-1791 NC d: 9-18-1826 Bartholomew Co., IN


Sarah may have attended the Clifty and Clay Township school on the south bank of Clifty, about two miles west of Newbern, where General Charles Schott's Army crossed Clifty on their expeditions against the Indians in May, 1791.


From the Bartholomew County, History, 1888 shows:

Clifty and Clay Townships, -- These two townships having been under one organization until 1842, we shall consider them as one in giving their school history. William Morris, a young teacher from Pennsylcania, taught the first school in this township in 1822-23, on the south bank of Clifty, about two miles west of Newbern, where General Charles Scott's Army crossed Clifty on their expedition against the Indians in May, 1791. George D. Roland, Mrs. Sally Hook, Mrs. Luke Covert, and perhaps others yet living, attended this school. Mrs. John Morris, mother of William, taught three summers in the same house. The old log house where these schools were held, was built by Samuel Phillips in 1819, and used first as a dewlling. The cabin of the first settler became the school house a few years later. Joseph Hart, great grandfather of George Pence, of Pencecalla, thes county, taught school at the Sandhill Cemetery about 1824-25. He continued teaching for several years. Bond Burnett, John S. Foster, William Branham, and J. Swain were pupils. Hestin Buchanan taught here in 1832. Joseph Hart in 1833, and Justin M. Dudley in 1836. The last named was a classical scholar. Dr. J.C. Beck, of Cincinnati, attended the last three schools. John Williams taught in this school house a few years later. It was then called the Hart Schoolhouse. Aaron Davis taught the first school in Newbern in an old cabin, in the summer of 1831. Rev. Aaron Farmer taught there in 1836. John Edwards, a lame man, taught school in his own house in Newbern, where he kept "bachelor's hall" in 1830. A hewed log school was built by citizens in the western part of Newbern in 1839. This was the first school house erected in the neighborhood, and we are at liberty to assume that it was built in regulation style "according to statue" made and provided. Mr. James T. Garrettson was the first teacher in this house. He continued to teach there for several years. Dr. J.C. Beck, who was a pupil, says he was one of the best teachers of the early day. Dr. W.T. Stott, now president of Franklin College, taught in District No. 6 in Clay Township, previous to 1860. Samuel J. Beck taught at Newbern in 1857. (The remainder is missing)

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