Here Is Your Award

Hello and congratulations on your award. My mother and I feel that your site(s) show your dedication and determination in preserving our past heritage and history. For this we have honored you with one of our awards.

We have created this page for those of you who are unable to upload graphics and files from your computer or WebTV. That way you may collect your award here.

You were emailed your award along with a code. You must use that code when placing the award to your site. If you have missplaced that award please feel free to email us for a New Award & Code.

The awards on this page will remain here for two weeks before being removed to make way for new awards. If you do not collect yours in time or do not see yours please email us for an Awards Reissue,


If you need assistance uploading your graphics from your computer or transfering from this site please contact us for Awards Assistance

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